Here at HomeQ, we're passionate about design and furniture. We're thrilled that you want to invite us into your home, to be a part of your lives and to provide you with objects that can brighten your day, make you happier and improve your life. 

The HomeQ Concept is simple - what's the best way to give our customers beautiful, high-quality furniture at the lowest possible price point without compromising on the little things, like letting them choose from a huge range of colours and materials?

We produce fantastic looking furniture from our own, highly-controlled production facilities and ship these directly to you. We eliminate a large percentage of the costs involved with furniture by getting rid of expensive retail stores, wholesalers, agents and other unnecessary links to give you a product direct from the manufacturer. 

That's why we offer uncompromising quality at low prices, while giving our customers a huge role in the furniture creation process. We allow you to customise your furniture so that it looks exactly how you want to, at a price that makes it affordable to decorate your home, and while shopping conveniently online. All of this is only possible because of the HomeQ Concept, which allows you to order direct from the manufacturer. 

We're also passionate about having happy customers, which is why we offer some of the longest warranty periods in the online furniture industry for our products, and also why we offer 14-day Satisfaction Guarantees and Quality Promises. 

Try us out today - we guarantee that you'll come away with a more beautiful and stylish home, at a price you can afford.