Why Choose Us?

When it comes to replica furniture, we're the experts - simply put, we offer the largest range of colours and materials in Australia for our items, the finest quality and the best prices. It's this combination that has customers coming back to us again and again for their furniture needs. You may visit other replica furniture retailers and find that while their prices can be cheaper for some items, often there is a good reason for this!

Like any product, the simple adage of 'you get what you pay for' stays true for furniture. When it comes to the tradeoff between being completely satisfied with a piece of furniture that will look stunning in your home for years, or opting for something cheap and nasty that you'll throw out in 6 months, we know what we would choose!

That said, we do offer amazing prices on our most popular pieces, and we can also work with you to create furniture packages to give your entire home style, at extremely competitive prices. 


Our quality

With over 25 years experience in dealing furniture and leather, the team behind HomeQ knows a good product when they see one. We have experience in every step of the furniture making process, and this translates to a keen eye for detail when we choose what we should offer for sale.

Our quality control process includes multiple product inspections, where every item is examined visually and physically for defects before shipping.

Replica furniture is made as close as possible to the originals, and if we may say so, sometimes even exceeding the originals!

The materials we use are:

We primarily work with top grain Italian leather and aniline Italian leather. Top-grain leather is tougher than other lower grain and sub-par leathers and more durable, while aniline leather is supple and soft, and like fine wine only gets better as it ages!

HomeQ's Cashmere is hand combed and selected from the world finest suppliers and is synonymous with luxury and indulgence.Our cashmere is handmade by true craftspeople and our wool products are made from the finest wool.

We use only 304-grade stainless steel, which has several advantages. Not only is it easy to clean and remains shiny for longer, but it is especially resistant to corrosion and oxidation due to its high chromium content.

Our sofa frames are made from hardwood that has been kiln dried. Kiln dried frames are better because the drying process gets rid of most of the moisture inside the wood, ensuring it doesn't warp or shrink with changes in humidity and temperature. Our frames are then fitted with highly resistant webbing and spring supports to ensure they do not sink. Finally, we use high density foam covered in dacron to add the gentle touch of softness, while still being supportive.

Our plywood has excellent strength, hardness and resilience to cracking. This makes the furniture especially suitable for heavy-duty use . Our plywood has an excellent surface covered in real wood veneer, which not only looks great, but is highly durable as well.